Our Commitment

HRnetGroup is committed to making a positive contribution to society and the environment by developing and implementing ethical business practices and securing a sustainable future. We take pride in being an ethical business. In doing so, we seek to create value for our shareholders and our broader stakeholders, including our employees and business partners, and the communities in which we operate.

We follow the principles within the important areas of: labour and human rights; health and safety; the environment; and business ethics (including anti-corruption). Further, we support vigorous and fair competition and believe in properly protecting the personal data of employees and third parties.

1. Labour and Human Rights

  1. Non-Discrimination

    We do not discriminate against employees based on race, colour, gender, language, religion, political or other opinion, caste, national or social origin, property, birth, union affiliation, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other distinguishing characteristics.

    Any employment related decisions, from hiring to termination and retirement, must be based solely on lawful, non-discriminatory criteria.

  2. Forced Labour

    We do: (i) not participate in, or benefit from, any form of forced / slave labour or human trafficking; (ii) comply with all Applicable Laws relating to anti-slavery and human trafficking; and (iii) maintain its own policies and procedures to ensure such compliance.

  3. Child Labour

    We do not engage in, or benefit from the use of, child labour. All full-time employees must be at least 15 years old, or the minimum age for employment under Applicable Law, whichever is higher. Where the applicable minimum working age is 14 in accordance with the United Nation’s exceptions for developing countries, this lower age will apply.

    We do not hire employees under the age of 18 for positions that require hazardous work that could jeopardise health, safety or morals.

  4. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

    We respect the right of employees to join (or not) a labour union, or other organisation of their choice, and to bargain collectively in support of their mutual interests without fear of punitive actions such as intimidation, harassment or termination of employment.

  5. Harassment

    We protect employees from: any acts of physical, verbal, sexual or psychological harassment; bullying; or abuse or threats in the workplace, by either their fellow employees or their managers.

  6. Working Hours, Benefits and Wages

    We adhere to the stricter of Applicable Laws or industry standards relating to minimum wages, working hours, overtime and benefits.

    Employees will not be required to work more than the limits on regular hours and overtime allowed by Applicable Laws.

    Wages for overtime is paid in legal tender on a regular basis. Employees must be given reasonable breaks while working and sufficient rest periods between shifts.

  7. Paid Leave

    We ensure that all employees are entitled to sick leave and annual holiday, as well as parental leave for employees who have to care for a new-born or newly adopted child, as provided by Applicable Laws. Employees who take such leave must not, as a result, face dismissal or threat of dismissal.

  8. Employee Contracts

    We provide all employees with a written, understandable and legally binding labour contract.


2. Health and Safety

We provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment including rules and procedures to be followed, protective equipment to be used and the training necessary to perform their tasks safely. In addition, we actively identify and eliminate, or adequately control, any hazards that present a risk to employees (and other persons present on sites) and to the environment.

  1. Systems, Documentation and Accidents

    In accordance with Applicable Laws, we develop and maintain effective systems for: (i) informing and consulting employees on relevant health and safety matters; and (ii) keeping accurate records of occupational accidents, injuries, illnesses and known exposures to health and safety risks at work.

  2. Emergency Response Procedures

    We establish and maintain emergency procedures to effectively respond to all health and safety emergencies affecting its employees, sites or the surrounding community.


3. Environmental Sustainability

We comply, and keep up to date, with all current Applicable Laws and other requirements relevant to the environmental impacts of its activities, products and services. We proactively ensure compliance with environmental regulations through ongoing training of all relevant employees, and effective operational control and monitoring across business activities. Further, in addition to compliance with Applicable Laws, we identify, control and proactively manage any industry specific significant issues.

  1. Management of Environmental Issues

    We strive to prevent any adverse environmental impact from activities, products or services, and must operate effective systems to minimise, remedy and report any such adverse impact.

  2. Carbon Emission Management

    We proactively work to understand and reduce direct and indirect carbon footprint (e.g. CO 2 emissions as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocols) and define focus areas to reduce its carbon footprint.


4. Business Ethics

  1. Corruption and Bribery

    We comply with all Applicable Laws relating to anti-corruption in connection with business activities, and in particular, we must not: (i) try to gain an undue advantage by promising, offering or giving anything of value, directly or indirectly, to any public official, business partner or any other third party; or (ii) engage in any other form of corruption, extortion, embezzlement or fraud that seeks to unjustly obtain improper advantages or otherwise influence the outcome of its business dealings.

  2. Gifts and Entertainment

    We must not offer, fund or donate lavish gifts, extravagant entertainment or hospitality to any personnel of any third party in an attempt to influence business decisions. We ensure that any gifts and entertainment offered to any personnel of any third party are transparent and have a justifiable business

  3. Conflict of Interest

    We must not engage in any activity which creates a conflict of interest or where such a conflict of interest could be reasonably perceived to exist.


5. Competition and Fair Trade

We will not enter into any agreement (written or oral), or engage in any other forms of activity, which has as its object or effect the prevention or restriction of competition and/or which breaches Applicable Laws relating to competition or fair trade.


6. Data Protection

We comply with all Applicable Laws relating to data protection and the processing of personal data.