Human sense, the foundation of our business.

It is what elevates the lives of the people we meet and creates a positive impact on the businesses we work with.


Leading Asia in recruitment and staffing.

Headquartered in Singapore and founded in 1992, HRnetGroup started as a four-man team. Today, with over 900 consultants across 17 Asian cities, we are the largest Asia-based recruitment agency in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan).

Our success is attributed to what we put into our work – an equal mix of Purpose and Passion – which forms the basis of how we operate. We ensure that only the best solutions are provided.

About us

14 Brands. 17 Asian Cities.

We provide professional recruitment services primarily under our HRnetOne, PeopleSearch, PeopleFirst and SearchAsia brands and flexible staffing solutions under our HRnetOne, HRnetRimbun, PeopleSearch, PeopleFirst, SearchAsia and Reforce brands.

Currently operating in 17 Asian growth cities, our focus is on growing cities in Asia with high level of commercial activities and job opportunities, a large labour force with a growing young population demographic.

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